Laughing through life by your side | Cute & Tearful Wedding in Dallas, Texas

Emotional may be the best word to describe Caitlin and Tanner's wedding day. In fact, we can't really think of a time that one of them wasn't happy crying. Misty-eyed tears started being shed while they struggled to read letters to us that they had written throughout their dating relationship. This soon accelerated into a weepy gift exchange, and culminated in heaving sobs as they saw each other for the first time. Surprisingly, they held it together pretty well for the ceremony, but when the toasts started they lost it all over again. The night ended with the two of them dancing in an empty reception hall, tears streaming down their faces.

But we did say this wedding was emotional, and that word means far more than only happy tears. Laughter was present as Tanner vowed to Caitlin that he would "always have fun, be silly, and not take life too seriously." A feeling of anticipation ran through the room as Tanner's dad officiated the ceremony. And joy was seen in many creative ways by Caitlin and Tanner's moves on the dance floor.

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