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Out of the 7 billion people in the world, you choose to be with one. And that one person chooses to be with you. We find this fascinating, miraculous, and worth documenting. Wedding films done right are about much more than cake, dresses, and flowers.


We believe in creating wedding films that do more than just document one day – we believe in creating wedding films that encapsulate the important, the crazy, the happy, and the sad – the reasons why you decided to have such a big day in the first place. We believe relationships are key – in love and in life – and we’re dedicated to building friendships with each couple before the wedding day. 


We are camera jedi, food enthusiasts, and entirely okay with the fact that we are a little bit quirky.

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About Us

Who Is Matt?

And more importantly, does Rachel like his beard?

We met at a smoothie and film party in college, during which, I (Matt) let out my inner Shakespeare and screamed at Rachel from a balcony. When I first asked Rachel out on a date, she put her head on the table in front of her to think about it first. She agreed only after I answered a very long list of hard questions a few days later.

We were married in Texas Hill country amidst close friends. Rachel forgot she needed a bouquet, but a close friend came to the rescue. We made promises to each other and then took time to pray to make promises to God about our marriage. We did without much of the traditional aspects of a wedding: no dancing, no toasts, no exchanged rings, no wedding party…you get the idea…but we did spend 3 hours with their wedding videographers. The day was perfect, because it was perfect for us.


To this day, we are big fans of weddings where people get to do what makes the day special and unique for them – whether that includes all the bells and whistles or none at all. We also believe, much like Spiderman, that with great power comes great responsibility (aka – we care a lot about making your wedding film amazingly awesome for you).


We have a wall in our home dedicated to adorable cat paintings. The pair of us like fine food, fine folk, epic timelapses, relaxing Netflix marathons, and searching for Airbnbs with character.


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As our schedule fills up, we are excited to work with couples who care deeply about capturing more than just the details of their wedding day. We are looking for fiancés who aren’t afraid to be themselves, laugh a little, and let us capture the heart of their relationship.

Want to see if we’re available for your wedding day? Curious about our pricing? Interested in Matt’s ideas on an all-bacon diet or Rachel’s opinion on any and every Netflix show? We can’t wait to hear from you! Fill out our contact form below and we’ll get back to you soon.

You can also email us directly at or call/text us at 830-743-9738.