I pulled up to the Sweet Lemon Inn just off the Georgetown historic town square, just in time for the rain to start pouring down. This morning was the definition of dreary, but thankfully the weather doesn't dictate how much fun a wedding will be; it is up for the people in the wedding to do that. :) And just so you know, these are some of the best people. When you meet Miles it's like meeting a breath of fresh air. Really healthy air at that, because he's a personal trainer and incredibly full of energy. Gung-ho would probably be the best term I can come up with. Tempering Miles attitude, Christy has a calmer, go-with-the-flow demeanor that matches him well. She also possesses an incredibly caring spirit. Watching the two of them together is like being on an adventure. They may sit still for a moment, but the next second they may leave for an impromptu bike ride, camping trip, or Iceland vacation. Is it any surprise that the venue they chose matches their style? When I first looked up the Union on Eighth, Google Street View listed it as an abandoned car repair shop. I was skeptical until I spoke to Miles and Christy and was informed that the building was recently updated to be a wedding venue, but before that it was a blacksmith, auto dealership, and transmission shop. If you up at the rafters you can still see car names written in chalk. Christy and Miles didn't stop at just a cool wedding venue though. Miles got ready in a fully renovated Airstream trailer, hauled by a beautiful 1970s Ford Bronco. Christy opted for a slightly more traditional, but still incredibly unique, little bed and breakfast around the corner called the Sweet Lemon Inn. The reception styling at the Union on Eighth was pretty awesome too, complete with a hashtagged beer canoe (just watch the video to see what I mean). If you've watched the video, you can probably see that Christy and Miles are a little older than the usual, just out of college, newlywed crowd. Christy patiently waited and prayed for God to put a man like Miles in her life. While she waited, God spent time growing Miles into the man that was perfect for Christy. Within the first couple of months of dating, they knew they had found who they were looking for. I'll end with an updated version of the lyrics to Zip- a-Dee-Doo-Dah: McGriff-A-Dee-Doo-Dah McGriff-A-Dee-Ay My oh my what a wonderful day Plenty of sunshine headed my way McGriff-A-Dee-Doo-Dah McGriff-A-Dee-Ay

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