You Will Change The World // Courtney and Mitchell’s Feature Length Wedding Film

One of the purposes of a wedding is to celebrate a joining of two people while they are surrounded by their family and closest friends. This celebration is normal and I see it every time I film a wedding. What was abnormal about Courtney and Mitchell’s wedding was just how vocal their friends and family members were about their love for them. I couldn't film for five minutes without one of the family members saying something great about them, how much they loved them, and how they were admired.

The minister continued this trend when he spoke about how they would change the world through their love of Jesus and his plans for them. He was echoed by Mitchell’s father telling them, “You will change the world, and through your children the world will be further changed.” The weight of that statement was felt by every person in the room, and I believe it only added to the excitement and joy of the day. The guests at this wedding were attending far more than just a normal wedding ceremony, they were witnessing the union of two world changers. That may sound cheesy, but if you meet Mitchell and Courtney you would believe it in a second.

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