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He’s a Cryer // Anna and Derek’s Wedding Highlight Film from The Prospect Chapel in Lexington, Texas

When I talked to Anna on the phone and she told me that the place she was getting married didn’t actually have an address, I knew I was in for a fun wedding. Much like my own wedding last year, I found myself saving GPS coordinates so I could drive to the ceremony site. After a lot of searching using Google Street view I was able to actually find the tiny chapel on the side of the road where they would say their vows. This is the kind of wedding I dream about when I’m not having nightmares about forgetting my gear or not wearing pants.

Anna has four important people (and one important dog) in her life. Derek, her daughter, his son, his daughter, and her dog. This wedding wasn’t just the joining of two people, but the union of four. It all made for an incredibly emotional day that culminated in the wedding ceremony. The daughters started crying, making Derek cry, which led to his son and Anna crying too. If I wasn’t such a tough, manly, wedding cinematographer I would have started crying with them.

After the ceremony it was time to drive. This wasn’t the farthest reception I’ve ever driven to from the ceremony site, but it was close. We stopped at a little bed and breakfast called The White House On The Hill. This place was so pretty, I may have to bring my wife there someday. The Bluebonnets were out and the sunset was painting beautiful colors in the sky. It was one of those moments that really makes filming weddings so much fun for me.

Once we had footage at the beautiful bed and breakfast, it was time to head to the reception. And boy, this was my kind of reception! No air conditioning, a twangy country band, and fried chicken with mashed potatoes for dinner! Everything happened at the La Bahia Turn Verein, an old meeting hall built in 1902 by German settlers to the area. My favorite part was when Anna and Derek danced with their kids. It was the perfect ending to a perfect wedding day.

Special thanks to Taylor Stanley for helping film this wedding. And thanks to The Music Bed and Marmoset Music for the tunes.

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