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I met Lacy years ago when she was photographing the same wedding I was filming. I was relatively new and was experiencing shooting video with a fancy full frame camera for the first time, whereas she was the expert with a plethora of lenses that she was willing to let me borrow.

This was the first hint I saw of Lacy’s generosity. We would only see each other every year or two when working weddings together, but she was always a text or Facebook message away when I needed business advice or recommendations. She was an open book and held no secrets about the wedding industry, and to this day I’m convinced that my business would not be as successful as it is now without her encouragement.

I should also mention her photography talents here, because that plays into her wedding story as well. Lacy has the rare ability to make any bride look and feel like a princess in her photos. And to be clear, I don’t mean cheesy, super airbrushed “princess”, I’m talking “you are going to look your best you ever have, your photos will look like a fairytale, and it’s all due to Lacy’s photography skills.”

One blisteringly hot day in Sugarland, Lacy and I filmed a wedding together and I met her new second shooter and boyfriend, Scott. There’s guys that I’ve met that exude cool, and he fit the description fully. The list of guys with a resume that includes military, police, and photography experience isn’t very long, but he’s on it. More so than his list of skills that rival Liam Neeson, was the way he looked at and talked about Lacy. There was a tenderness there under the surface that was impossible to miss. A wedding for these two was inevitable.

Throughout her career Lacy had documented thousands of weddings for thousands of couples, but you could tell that her wedding was something completely new. She had spent her life creating images of brides that look like princesses, and now it was finally time for her to live that fairytale. It brought me so much joy to be able to capture that moment for them in this film.

Lacy and I actually disagree on where and when we met years ago, but we both know it was at a wedding, where I was a relatively new videographer and she was an experienced photographer. I’m sure I got in her way many times on that day, but she was gracious, offered me advice, and we proceeded to become friends from then on.

In the years since our meeting, I’ve been repeatedly struck by Lacy’s kindness and generosity towards other people and animals. Whether it was rescuing a dog that was about to be put down at a shelter, or cooking massive meals for others in need, I always hoped she would meet someone that matched her giving nature.

It’s only fitting that when we shot another wedding together several years later, she introduced her second shooter/boyfriend, Scott. Within 5 minutes of meeting, he had my jaw dropped as he told stories of his time in the miltary, but when he then spoke about Lacy it was with the utmost care and tenderness. From that moment it was clear they would last.

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Alexis and Blake are comfortable with each other. The kind of comfort that comes from being friends since the fifth grade. A comfort that doesn’t require any posturing or attitude because you’ve known someone for so long. Just a real, relaxed, comfortable vibe.

We loved celebrating this day that was years in the making. It was full of fantastic food, emotional moments and so much laughter. It was our kind of wedding. 🙂

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One of the reasons Rachel and I love filming weddings is that we get to witness the collision of planning and reality, and the resulting emotions that occur. Brides and grooms plan for months or even years for their wedding day, but when the day arrives, their plans are oftentimes changed due to circumstances outside of their control. This collision offers a glimpse into a couple’s truest selves, and results in some of the most real and raw moments we have captured on video.

For example, Emily and Mike planned an outdoor ceremony, but in the days leading up to the wedding the forecast turned to clouds and rain. Ten minutes before the ceremony, as a fine mist fell over the perfectly aligned chairs, Emily chose to proceed with the outdoor plans, even in the face of a rainy reality. With a smile on her face she walked toward her groom.

At the end of the aisle stood Mike, who was dealing with some expectations of his own. Banter between him, the officiant, and his best man, included a whispered discussion about whether he would begin crying when he saw Emily. Mike’s expectations of a tough time watching Emily walk down the aisle were, pun intended, shattered by the reality of Emily knocking over and loudly breaking a large glass vase as she approached. They both of course began laughing, because regardless of how any part of the day went, they were together.

These were not isolated incidents mind you, there were many moments throughout the day that didn’t go quite as planned, but Emily and Mike’s consistent response was a smile and laughter. Plans, even ones prepared over a year in advance, rarely work out how we think; but it is in those moments that our real selves are shown. If we all approach reality like Emily and Mike, we’ll be alright.

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March weddings in Texas are always a gamble from a weather standpoint. Will it be hot? Cold? Rainy? Sunny? For Emily and Mike, the forecast showed every possible type of weather in the week leading up to their wedding, but finally on the day of the event, it decided on a light rain. With an indoor contingency plan in place, the wedding coordinator approached Emily ten minutes before she was due to walk down the aisle to marry Mike, and asked her if she still wanted the ceremony outside. Emily’s answer was a resounding, “Yes!”.
This decision can tell you a lot about the two of them. Whether rain or shine they have a good time, and we absolutely love that about them. We would love to film your wedding rain or shine! Please get in touch.