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Savor Every Moment | Tearful Outdoor Wedding in Texas

I met Lacy years ago when she was photographing the same wedding I was filming. I was relatively new and was experiencing shooting video with a fancy full frame camera for the first time, whereas she was the expert with a plethora of lenses that she was willing to let me borrow.

This was the first hint I saw of Lacy’s generosity. We would only see each other every year or two when working weddings together, but she was always a text or Facebook message away when I needed business advice or recommendations. She was an open book and held no secrets about the wedding industry, and to this day I’m convinced that my business would not be as successful as it is now without her encouragement.

I should also mention her photography talents here, because that plays into her wedding story as well. Lacy has the rare ability to make any bride look and feel like a princess in her photos. And to be clear, I don’t mean cheesy, super airbrushed “princess”, I’m talking “you are going to look your best you ever have, your photos will look like a fairytale, and it’s all due to Lacy’s photography skills.”

One blisteringly hot day in Sugarland, Lacy and I filmed a wedding together and I met her new second shooter and boyfriend, Scott. There’s guys that I’ve met that exude cool, and he fit the description fully. The list of guys with a resume that includes military, police, and photography experience isn’t very long, but he’s on it. More so than his list of skills that rival Liam Neeson, was the way he looked at and talked about Lacy. There was a tenderness there under the surface that was impossible to miss. A wedding for these two was inevitable.

Throughout her career Lacy had documented thousands of weddings for thousands of couples, but you could tell that her wedding was something completely new. She had spent her life creating images of brides that look like princesses, and now it was finally time for her to live that fairytale. It brought me so much joy to be able to capture that moment for them in this film.