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From a love kindled literally while picking kindling for a bonfire, to bonding over sweet tea, and adopting a dog named Maya, Clarissa and Andy have have their share of adventures. Soon after Andy proposed in the brief darkness of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, Clarissa emailed us about potentially flying up to Virginia to film their wedding.

Of course we agreed, and this May we found ourselves in Yorktown, waking up at 4:30am to drive to a Revolutionary War battlefield and film these two lovebirds at sunrise. This was of course followed by one of the most delicious meals of biscuits and gravy at a greasy spoon, a brief food coma, and eventually one of the sweetest intimate backyard wedding ceremonies.

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Most relationships are an adventure, but for Sam and Mel, the word takes on a different meaning. Forging their relationship by hiking up mountains, watching sunrises, sunsets, and meteor showers, and driving for days to see National Parks, their friends eventually labeled them “Smel” – a combination of their names in the same vein as “Kimye” or “Bennifer” (the second one). Not content to leave it just to a cute couple name though, the phrase, “#doyouSMELadventure” was created, and its hashtag is now visible on every photo and video that they post from one of their adventures.

With their adventurous spirits in mind, is it any surprise that Smel decided to get married in one of the most unique and beautiful countries on Earth? A country they hadn’t ever been to before their wedding? Iceland, with its glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanoes just waiting to be explored would be their greatest adventure!

In all, we spent three incredible days with them, including a 5am wakeup on the wedding day to watch the sunrise, followed by a three-hour bus ride to the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, where they chose a spot to say their vows. We explored with them the next day as well, visiting secret caves, climbing mountains, and watching the northern lights dance overhead. For Smel though, it was clear that their adventure isn’t about all these places they have traveled to; what is important is that they have experienced them together, and that their love and relationship is the adventure.

While this film does represent the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland’s landscape, we filmed and edited it with a focus on who Sam and Mel are together. It may not be your typical Iceland wedding film, but it is something that is completely Smel.

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Clarissa and Andy have spent many mornings of their relationship watching the sunrise together over the Atlantic Ocean, so it makes sense that we wanted to fly up to Virginia to meet them at 5am to film the sunrise on their wedding day. None of us got much sleep, but we were treated to one of the best moments ever when Andy brought out his guitar and sang a song he wrote for Clarissa. She cried. Rachel cried. I didn’t cry. Okay, maybe I did a little bit.

Regardless, this was one of the most special times we’ve had with a couple, and Rachel and I loved every second of it. Keep an eye out for Clarissa and Andy’s full wedding film coming soon. 🙂

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Adventures are always better with someone! Frodo has Sam, Han has Chewie, Spongebob has Patrick, and Sam has Mel. Those last two built their relationship on discovering new places, so when it came time to get married it makes sense that they would choose Iceland, a country they hadn’t ever explored.

With their closest friends along for the ride, they adventured across the entire Southern Region, visiting waterfalls, dancing in lava fields, and saying their vows at the glacier lagoon. It was a wedding unlike anything we (or probably anyone else) had seen before. We loved it.

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When she was 12, a young girl named Tory began writing love letters to her future husband. She didn’t know who he was, or when she would meet him, but she had faith that one day they would be married. She wrote him often, sometimes multiple times per day, and she always signed her letters “XOXO, your wife.”

Many years, hundreds of letters, and thousands of prayers later, a young man named Henry walked into the gym where she worked. He was insightful, kind, and insisted on calling her “Victoria”, a name befitting a princess. More so than those earlier traits though, Henry was persistent.

Now you may think at this point, “This is the guy! This is who she has been writing letters to! This is her (future) husband!”, and you wouldn’t be wrong about that. But nothing is ever that easy. Victoria and Henry began a friendship that soon culminated in a first date, where Henry asked her, “Do you see a future with us?”, to which Victoria immediately and directly replied, “No, I do not see a future with us.” But as I said earlier, Henry was persistent. That first date soon led to another, and Victoria’s letters and prayers began to be directed at Henry.

This wedding film is the culmination of Victoria’s letters and Henry’s persistence. A wedding to a husband long dreamt for and a wife that was persistently pursued. But there is one other aspect to this story that needs to be told. Victoria and her dad have always been close, and he knew that while she was growing up she wrote letters to her future husband often. What he didn’t know is that she had also written something for him; a song that she wrote, recorded, and played when they danced together at her wedding reception.

As Henry put it, “This was the best wedding ever”, and I would agree. Partially because it really was wonderful, and partially because Henry is Rachel’s cousin. We are thrilled to be related to such an incredible couple with an amazing story.

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