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Life with you is one big party! | FUN wedding in the Texas Hill Country

March weddings in Texas are always a gamble from a weather standpoint. Will it be hot? Cold? Rainy? Sunny? For Emily and Mike, the forecast showed every possible type of weather in the week leading up to their wedding, but finally on the day of the event, it decided on a light rain. With an indoor contingency plan in place, the wedding coordinator approached Emily ten minutes before she was due to walk down the aisle to marry Mike, and asked her if she still wanted the ceremony outside. Emily’s answer was a resounding, “Yes!”.
This decision can tell you a lot about the two of them. Whether rain or shine they have a good time, and we absolutely love that about them. We would love to film your wedding rain or shine! Please get in touch.
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  • Ramona HOOGEVEEN says:

    Amazing, beautiful and fun wedding! So happy to have been a part of that wonderful day! Many blessings for you both!

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