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It all started at a Christmas party, when a young lady named Kayla put an obscure rap song on play. A youthful guy named Jon who happened to be fluent in lesser known rap, sang along to every word. Their meeting led to walking, a taxi ride, Mexican food, trips around the world, and a wedding ,That day, as the setting sun’s golden rays filtered through the leaves of the large Oak tree that was the backdrop of their wedding ceremony, Kayla and Jon said their vows in front of their closest friends and family.

In the months leading up to their wedding day, we had the chance to get to know these two. And when I say know, I mean not just how they fell in love but why. The reasons that a detail oriented woman like Kayla, fits so well together with a laid back man like Jon.  Their desire to buck the trend of big, flashy weddings, and instead focus on their intimate relationships with a select few. The shared love they have for the classic movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and how Jon recreated the locations in the film in their proposal.

It is our hope that by watching this wedding film you get to know them too. That this glimpse of one day in their relationship shows you so much more. These two laid back hipsters, Koala Bear and Giraffe, bride and groom, husband and wife. We hope you enjoy their story, and like Jon, we are so glad that Kayla put that obscure rap song on play.

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We often use the term high school sweethearts to describe couples that have been together for a long time. These are couples that met when they were young, realized they were the one for each other, and stuck together for years until they were married. But what if they met before high school, or even middle school? What if they became friends in the third grade? Elementary school sweethearts doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but for Kelsey and Josh, this was the start of their story. And after many (and when I say many I mean close to 20) years of friendship, that included multiple proms, homecomings, high school graduation, breakups and three and-a-half years of college, they finally were together.

We managed to not get run over while filming this wedding…

When my wife and I finally met them it was, of course, over Mexican food. Hearing their vision for their wedding, it was incredibly apparent that they had a unique style all their own. Watch the film and you’ll see it: the palm fronds, geode wedding cake, Edison bulbs draped over the dance floor like a Willow tree. Kelsey even created a watercolor wedding logo that fit their theme! 

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Check out their wedding highlight film below:



I met my wife on a warm evening in May of 2010, while we both attended a movies and smoothies party in a second floor apartment of a mutual friend.  I was beard-less, and so was she, but that didn’t keep us from talking and hitting it off. I remember that moment vividly, and I’m sure that if you thought back to when you met your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife, you would recall that moment as well. What they were wearing, possibly the first thing one of you said, your first smile at them, and exactly where you were when it all happened.

For Kelsey and Jacob, they may not recall their first meeting because it happened so long ago. In fact, if you ask their family and friends they would say that Kelsey and Jacob have been dating “forever.” With forever being a long time, I dug a little deeper on my first meeting with the two of them, and learned that forever actually meant the first day of class in the third grade. Do they remember their moment of meeting vividly? Probably not as well as I remember my moment of meeting my wife, but they have known each other three times as long as we have.

Together in the hill country

Together in the hill country…

While they may have met in class, their relationship soon grew outside of the classroom. When I asked what they enjoy doing together, most of their answers began with some form of “We go to Kelsey’s family ranch in Spicewood.” This property, nestled in the hill country, surrounded by tall grasses, prickly pear cacti, lakes, rivers, and cows, is a bit of heaven on earth. And as I asked them about their relationship, I realized the ranch was their connecting point for all of their key moments growing up together. Spending time hunting, fishing, riding horses, and raising animals.

When it came time to propose, sometime during the second half of “forever,” Jacob lured her to the pig barn on the ranch, with a story of an injured animal that needed Kelsey’s help. Instead of a scared rabbit or puppy, she found a fully decorated barn, with moments from their lives together. They set their wedding date for one year later, right next to the same barn where he proposed. 

As we approached filming their day, my wife and I realized we needed to feature this ranch, where Kelsey and Jacob spent so much time together both growing up and falling in love. The hill country with its oak trees, long grass waving in the breeze, cacti, and rolling clouds, was a part of their relationship too.

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Four years ago I was filming a promo for Texas A&M dining services in College Station. The scene called for a freshman guy’s dorm room, and I was quickly running through my list of friends  at A&M asking if they, or anyone they knew, still lived in one.

Within an hour, my good pal Adam replied to me saying his friend Michael lived in a dorm and would be happy to let me film there. Yes that’s right, my first time meeting Michael was knocking on his door and filming in his dorm room at A&M. It ended up being the perfect scene for the video.

Fast forward a few years, and Michael had moved out of the dorm, graduated, and left College Station altogether for bear country an hour and a half north. Realizing he knew no one in Waco besides his brother, he visited Antioch Community Church, joined a life group, and there met a young woman named Cathleen.

According to Cathleen, she’s not the type to just walk up and start talking to a guy, even if he’s at Bible study. But that first night they met, this woman from Baylor met a man from A&M, and they hit it off. Michael knew he was interested in her, but didn’t want to rush things. Cathleen on the other hand knew they had a chemistry, but chose to wait patiently for him to figure things out.

Being patient paid off!

Being patient paid off!

Finally after much planning, he was ready to ask her on a date. That Sunday at church, he saw her across the parking lot. Throwing caution to the wind he ran to her car….out of breath….he asks her out. To which she replies, “Really? Yes.”

Four months of dating followed with hikes, swimming, and exploration all over the state. By month five, Michael knew he wanted to marry her. By month six, Cathleen knew she wanted to marry him. Month seven arrived, and ring in hand, Michael set a proposal date. At this point, disaster struck.

Hours before the proposal, Cathleen knocked a vase over, and in the process of cleaning it up sliced her foot, tearing a tendon in one of her toes. A quick trip to the ER and she was going all David After The Dentist hopped up on pain medications.

Wanting to make sure Cathleen is in her right mind when making a decision as large as agreeing to marry him, Michael wisely postponed the proposal date for two weeks. During this time Cathleen described herself as “mad at the world.” Her foot was in pain, she was frustrated over not being able to walk easily, and she was in a general foul mood.

Thankfully, Michael didn’t beat around the bush, and in a garden on the Baylor campus he proposed. Cathleen, now in her right mind, said yes, and they both freaked out.

They freaked out a bit after their ceremony too.

They freaked out a bit after their ceremony too.

In the coming weeks, I received a call from Michael asking if I could make a video for him (though definitely not in his dorm). They set a wedding date for a chilly January one year after they started dating. Thankfully, the venue in Waco ended up being beautiful, with a roomy industrial vibe that kept us from having to run around outside and freeze.

The band was loud, the BBQ was delicious, the pies were decadent, and God was glorified through it all. Also, I don’t believe I’ve ever had a minister yell so loudly in excitement when he pronounced them husband and wife. He was thrilled, Michael and Cathleen were overjoyed, and I was happy to be there to film it.

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This wedding was filmed with the Sony A7Sii, a super cool camera.

To fully grasp why a wedding film was so important to Jordan and James, we need to go back one year to their proposal.

In Rio De Janeiro.

During the World Cup.

Things are starting to get incredible aren’t they? Keep in mind that they had been dating for over three years, and Jordan knew a proposal was coming at some point. She had also made it clear to James that Rio was not an ideal location to be waving a huge diamond ring around and he better not propose while they were down there. Never one to lose the element of surprise though, James ignored that request. As the sun set in Rio, with all the crazed world cup fans, under the Christ The Redeemer Statue, James asked Jordan to marry him. He got on one knee, with tourists snapping pictures all around them, while she stared into his eyes.

At this point, they both blacked out (Mentally, not physically).

Seriously, they have photos but no memories of exactly what happened after that. Their brains were so excited that they forgot to make memories.

They wanted to remember moments like this!

They wanted to remember moments like this!

Fast forward to their wedding planning. They realized they wanted a way to remember their wedding, exactly as it happened. Every smile, look, touch and moment. I may be a little biased, but I believe a film is the best way to do that. Jordan and James must be biased too because they agreed with me.

You can watch their highlight film below:

Special thanks to Taylor Stanley and my wife for helping me film this day. Shot with the Sony FS100, Sony FS700, and Canon 7D. Edited in Premiere Pro CC. Colored with Magic Bullet Looks.

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