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High School Sweethearts In The Hill Country // A Spicewood Texas Wedding

I met my wife on a warm evening in May of 2010, while we both attended a movies and smoothies party in a second floor apartment of a mutual friend.  I was beard-less, and so was she, but that didn’t keep us from talking and hitting it off. I remember that moment vividly, and I’m sure that if you thought back to when you met your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife, you would recall that moment as well. What they were wearing, possibly the first thing one of you said, your first smile at them, and exactly where you were when it all happened.

For Kelsey and Jacob, they may not recall their first meeting because it happened so long ago. In fact, if you ask their family and friends they would say that Kelsey and Jacob have been dating “forever.” With forever being a long time, I dug a little deeper on my first meeting with the two of them, and learned that forever actually meant the first day of class in the third grade. Do they remember their moment of meeting vividly? Probably not as well as I remember my moment of meeting my wife, but they have known each other three times as long as we have.

Together in the hill country

Together in the hill country…

While they may have met in class, their relationship soon grew outside of the classroom. When I asked what they enjoy doing together, most of their answers began with some form of “We go to Kelsey’s family ranch in Spicewood.” This property, nestled in the hill country, surrounded by tall grasses, prickly pear cacti, lakes, rivers, and cows, is a bit of heaven on earth. And as I asked them about their relationship, I realized the ranch was their connecting point for all of their key moments growing up together. Spending time hunting, fishing, riding horses, and raising animals.

When it came time to propose, sometime during the second half of “forever,” Jacob lured her to the pig barn on the ranch, with a story of an injured animal that needed Kelsey’s help. Instead of a scared rabbit or puppy, she found a fully decorated barn, with moments from their lives together. They set their wedding date for one year later, right next to the same barn where he proposed. 

As we approached filming their day, my wife and I realized we needed to feature this ranch, where Kelsey and Jacob spent so much time together both growing up and falling in love. The hill country with its oak trees, long grass waving in the breeze, cacti, and rolling clouds, was a part of their relationship too.

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