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Bride plays drums while groom dances with whale! A talent show and wedding in Houston Texas.

I bonded with Adam back in January 2012, when we spent 13 hours crammed into a Honda Element together on a road trip from Texas to Georgia and back. Along the way, I learned a lot of interesting things about him:

  • Years of driving buses for A&M gave him the ability to drive 13 hours straight without stopping if necessary.
  • He’s such an un-picky eater that he will go into a restaurant and tell the server to order something for him.
  • Unlike normal humans, 3 hours of sleep is plenty for him.

At this point, I realize this blog is starting to sound more like an ad for Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man In The World™, and not a groom from a wedding I filmed. Well strap in, because I haven’t even gotten to how Adam and Christine met.

Christine on the drums!

Christine on the drums!

On a humid week in August at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Houston, Texas, Christine made the decision to attend a talent show. Little did she know, that Adam would be performing a special dance at the show, with an inflatable Killer Whale. No water required, just him, the whale, a stage, and some paper streamers. Christine laughed so hard she cried, and while I would like to think she knew that she had to marry this guy, she says she was more interested in only meeting him.

That meeting eventually happened, time spent together turned into friendship, and friendship culminated in a date together at Trampoline World (with pizza). One year later Adam proposed, and yes, the inflatable whale made an appearance.

When Adam got back in touch with me about filming their wedding, he said they had a few surprises planned for their guests. First, the wedding reception would be Llamma themed. Second, there would be a talent show that mirrored the night they met. Third, they would be leaving in a bright yellow Smart Car the size of a go-kart. 

Adam and his whale!

Adam and his whale!

As promised, after a beautiful ceremony on the University of Houston Campus, the reception began with a surprise Llamma Cake, continued with a sweet drum solo by Christine (barefoot in her wedding dress of course), a classic rendition of Adam’s inflatable whale dance, and ended with a crazy dance party courtesy of DJ Chaney.

Was it a wedding day? Yes. Was it also a talent show? You bet.

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