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Scotland Meets Texas // A wedding film with Kilts and Cowboy Hats

I struggled for a while with a title for this film. Oftentimes it is easy to come up with a name once I get to know the couple, but for Richard and Carissa things have been a bit different. Should I reference Richard’s Scottish heritage and smooth accent? Does their meeting in high-school qualify? Or maybe I should speak about their engagement in Australia? They’re such an interesting couple! How am I supposed to distill them, their wedding, and their entire history into a simple title? 

East meets west. Scotland meets Texas. Richard meets Carissa. There, that should be simple and yet complex enough.

“But more about them Matt! Tell me more about them!,” you say. I’ve filmed weddings at a wide assortment of locations around the world. Churches, chapels, open fields, and redwood forests, all beautiful in their own way. Without fail, these venues are all chosen because of a special meaning they share with the bride and groom. So when I was asked to film Richard and Carissa’s wedding film, down a little dirt road, behind the house she grew up in, I knew their wedding would be just about perfect. Perfection was achieved soon-after when they told me that Richard and his groomsmen would be wearing traditional Scottish Kilts.

Seen: An amazing moment. Unseen: Richard's stellar kilt.

Seen: An amazing moment. Unseen: Richard’s stellar kilt.

On the day of the ceremony, under a blue sky with only a hint of clouds, in front of a handmade arbor of luggage, window panes, and burlap, Carissa and Richard were married. An evening of revelry commenced, that saw the fusion of Texas charm, with Scottish heritage. Traditional two-stepping gave way to Scottish stomping, with a fireworks show to cap-off the festivities. 

This wedding was the joining of two cultures, two families, two people, and it was truly a perfect day.

Interested in having my wife and I film your wedding? Please get in touch!

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  • carissacooks says:

    Matt, what can I say, we are absolutely stunned and delighted with our video! It captured our day perfectly, and you blended everything together so we could relive the vows, the dancing and even the fireworks! We will cherish this for years to come.

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