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Treanne and David // Wedding Highlight Film // Southfork Ranch, Dallas Texas

Having known Treanne and David for around two years I can say with a great deal of authority that they are one of the quirkiest (yet funny!) couples I have ever met!  Everything about their wedding day was awesomely entertaining, from the jokes and banter between Dave and his dad to Treanne’s bridesmaids and their singing.  This is one of my favorite highlights to ever edit, mainly due in part to the fact that I had the song stuck in my head for months before finding the perfect chance to use it.

Southfork Ranch was the perfect location for a Summer wedding as well.  The trees kept things from getting too hot and the sunset was pure magic.  If you haven’t heard of Southfork Ranch, lookup the TV show Dallas on TNT.  Filming for the entire show took place at Southfork Ranch and the main ranch house had little touches that resembled a stage for a video.

Besides the awesome bride and groom, maybe that is why I enjoyed filming there so much – it was made to be filmed!  The reception took place in one of the large auditoriums at the ranch and it could have held a group twice as large.  I also must say that this was the largest tunnel of sparklers that I have ever seen at a wedding.  They were extra long to make sure they stayed lit.
This was my first wedding using Gorilla Grain film grain scans.

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