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When I Light Up, You Light Up Too // Ashley and Tyler’s Wedding Highlight Film at 333 First Avenue, Dallas Texas

If you ask Ashley how we met, she will undoubtedly tell you that I taught her everything I know about cameras, and then used her for all of her camera gear when I needed help with filming something. That is all true, and since meeting her in 2010 she has traveled with me all over the state filming weddings for many happy couples.

We often talked about our own weddings and promised to film each others when the time came. She started dating Tyler in 2011, and after meeting him and seeing the way that he cared about her, I knew I would be filming them in a few years. Jump ahead to June 2013, and there I was filming Tyler’s proposal to Ashley. He set it all up in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and completely surprised her.

My favorite part of their proposal wasn’t just getting to see Tyler get on one knee, but how he spoke about her before he proposed. I knew I was filming something exceptional when I saw how much care, love, and thought went into that moment. Their wedding is a continuation of that moment that he proposed, and it is so incredible to be able to hear Ashley’s side of it all in the her letter to Tyler. The excitement that he shows in the proposal film is mirrored perfectly in her letter. I wish I could say that I planned for it to fit together so well, but I didn’t, although I was ready with my camera when it happened.

I’ve heard it said, leave it up to the people that film weddings to have the best ones, and this definitely holds true to Ashley and Tyler’s. From the massive Omni Hotel suite overlooking the Dallas skyline while they got ready, to the trolley ride to the venue, to the vintage camera centerpieces and Edison lightbulbs, everything looked amazing in front of the camera.  The only thing better than all the beauty of the locations and decorations was the joy of Ashley and Tyler.

Special thanks to Taylor Stanley and Kylie Best for helping film this wedding. And if you want to see more of Ashley’s work, visit Sun7Studios.

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