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A White Knight and His Damsel // Ellen and Jeff’s Wedding Highlight Film, Ashton Gardens Houston Texas

This has been a very busy year for the Kiel family. My friend Emily Kiel, who does all my DVD case design work, and her sister Ellen Kiel both were engaged and married within 5 months of one another.  I filmed Ellen’s wedding in July, and Emily’s wedding in November.  Please don’t ask me to choose a favorite, because they were both a lot of fun to film.

This blog post is all about Ellen and Jeff’s wedding though, so let’s concentrate on them.  They met at their office, when Jeff said hello after overhearing Ellen and a coworker speaking about how Ellen doesn’t like to cook.  Jeff, you see, LOVES to cook and he was looking for a woman who would let him cook for her. They hit it off, started dating, and a bit down the road Jeff was ready to propose. Of course he enlisted Emily to help, by making Ellen think they were having a photo shoot complete with cute signs that they would hold right up until he got down on one knee and proposed.  Incidentally, you can read all about the proposal and see the photoshoot on Emily’s blog.  And if you want even more details, you can read the proposal and Ellen’s own words.

I hope you enjoyed watching Ellen and Jeff’s video, because there’s another Kiel wedding video coming out soon!

Big thanks to Daniel Karr for helping me film this wedding!  We shot it with two Sony FS100s and the footage was beautiful!

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