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Sing Your Vows // Joanna and Michael’s Wedding Highlight Film in Comfort, Texas

Spoiler alert: I met Joanna through Impact at Texas A&M, so this is ANOTHER Impact wedding!

When Joanna first told me she wanted a small wedding out in the Texas Hill Country I immediately knew it was going to be amazing. Michael and her met when she was looking for a job, and her brother said he knew a guy in Lubbock that could help her. That guy of course ended up being Michael, and of course she got the job. They hungout a lot in Lubbock, and he soon asked her out on a date.  Three months and a lot of steak dinner dates later, Joanna and Michael’s family met. It was then that Joanna began to realize just how easy everything was.  Their families got along well, they gradually liked each other more, and that grew into love.  They found what they needed in one another.

Three more months passed and they both knew that they would get married, but Michael still had to surprise her with a ring. For his 30th birthday, they both went to Vegas to celebrate. After catching some shows and walking down the strip, they ended up in front of the Bellagio fountain. It was there that Michael told Joanna that he had decided what he wanted for his birthday. He said “I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life with you,” then got down on one knee and proposed.

Spinelli's Hill Country CathedralOne year from when they started dating, Joanna and Michael were married at Spinelli’s Cathedral in Comfort, Texas.  It was quaint, cozy, and matched them perfectly. Two weeks before the wedding, Joanna’s mother emailed me saying that Michael had a surprise planned for the ceremony; he was going to sing his vows to Joanna. True to his word, after Joanna said her vows Michael pulled out his guitar and sang “Cross My Heart” by George Strait as his vows. She loved it, and it was one of the best ceremonies I’ve ever filmed.

This was also the first wedding I’ve ever shot with the Black Magic Cinema Camera.  I shot in 2.5K RAW the whole day, and ended up with over 400 Gigs of footage!  It really is an amazing camera, and while it takes much longer to convert and edit the footage it shoots, the beautiful images it produces is worth it.

Special thanks to Taylor Stanley for helping me film the wedding!

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