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A Glimpse Into The Love of God // Bailey and Joel’s Wedding Highlight from First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas

Okay, I promise the couple that I post after this one isn’t one that I met through Impact Retreat!  But I did meet Joel through Impact, so he just adds to my list of Impact Weddings.

Over my four years of filming weddings, I have seen many Christian ceremonies.  Often, the bride and groom will express to the pastor how they want their wedding ceremony to reflect the gospel of Jesus and express their love for God, as much as their love for one another. As often as I see this though, Bailey and Joel were the first couple to ask me to make their wedding film convey the gospel as well.  They wanted a film that was as much about God as it was about themselves.

Filming a wedding with an explicit gospel message may sound like a difficult task, but these two made it incredibly easy.  From their prayer before the ceremony, to a wonderful message delivered by Butch Smith I was able to capture the essence of the gospel, while showing their love.  It is apparent on Joel’s face when he sees bailey for the first time how excited he is, and I can only imagine that is how Christ views his church when we seek Him.  Their joy and excitement throughout the day mirrors Christ love as well.  Like I said, Bailey and Joel made telling the story of their wedding day and giving a glimpse into the love of God through their wedding film easy.

If you are planning on getting married and want a specific message conveyed through your wedding film, I would be happy to film it.

Special thanks to Ashley Stineman at Sun 7 Studios for helping film.

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