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Jackie and Garth // Wedding Film I Second Shot at One World Theater in Austin, Texas

One of the fun things about running my own production company is that I get to help friends of mine film weddings.  Brittan Pittman has been shooting weddings for several years now, and he is one of the most talented guys that I know.  When he asked me to help him film Jackie and Garth’s wedding I immediately said yes.

I hadn’t ever been to One World Theater in Austin before.  Set in the hill country to the west of Austin, the theater hosts plays, live music, and weddings.  But enough about the amazing location, let’s talk about this couple.  Garth is a tall military man, and Jackie is his shorter bride.  If I had to describe their wedding in one word, it would be “spiffy.”  Garth and his groomsmen knew how to have fun, but their uniforms made them look cool doing it.  Jackie and her bridesmaids didn’t have uniforms, but their dresses were perfect.

Did I mention they had a live band, photo booth, and cigar roller?  These two know how to have fun and throw a killer party.  My favorite part of the night was when the whitest guy in the band started rapping Hey Ya by Outkast.  I haven’t ever laughed that hard at a wedding before.

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