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After 9 years, I still fall more in love with you every day | Hill Country Wedding in Spicewood, Texas

You may remember Kelsey and Jacob from their highlight film, “High school sweethearts in the Hill Country.” Today, Rachel and I want to share with you their full wedding film: a story that shares even more about who they are, how¬†their relationship grew from campfires and two-step dances to a wedding next to a pig barn, and of course, how they ended up with a petting zoo at their wedding reception.

On their family ranch, which I described in my previous blog post as “their connecting point for all their key moments growing up together,” we had the opportunity to capture not only their wedding ceremony, but a glimpse of who they are as people. From shotguns in the morning, to Aaron Watson in the evening, this wedding was the perfect culmination of Kelsey and Jacob’s relationship, and one that we were so incredibly overjoyed to film.

If you’re getting married (no shotguns or pig barn required), we would love to film it, please get in touch!