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Kind & Gentle Hearts | Spicewood Hill Country Texas Wedding

There’s this one wedding from a few years back in the Texas Hill Country that to this day Rachel and I still look back on. Kelsey and Jacob’s wedding had perfect weather, gorgeous ceremony, incredible band, plus this was the only wedding we’ve ever filmed that had a petting zoo! 

Over the years since that wedding we’ve talked semi-regularly about how much fun it had been and how we wish we could visit that ranch and family again. Imagine our surprise and joy when Kelsey’s sister Kendall asked us to film her wedding to her fiance Stephen!

We returned to the Texas Hill Country, where Kendall and Stephen said their vows under the bluest skies. As the sunset stretched across the valley below, a half indoor-outdoor reception with band and DJ topped off the night. 

We now have two weddings to look back on about this place, and that makes us so happy.