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Gettin’ closer to that kiss… // Ricky and Kim’s wedding highlight from Camp Lucy in Austin, Texas

While others may not think this way, I sometimes find that filming a wedding can be a relaxing end to a weekend. I started off the last Friday and Saturday in April by driving to Brownwood, Texas and filming eleven consecutive interviews of students at Howard Payne University. It was a long day, and by the time I arrived at my parent’s house in New Braunfels, I was ready to relax a bit. Thankfully, my good friends Ricky and Kim were getting married the next day, and they are my kind of people.

Ricky started off the day getting tacos with his groomsmen, so of course I tagged along to “film” (and eat tacos). The we drove all over New Braunfels trying to find a place to swim in the Comal River. Unfortunately, the city blocks off public access to the river on the weekends so we had to hatch an alternative plan involving the Guadalupe River, a dock, and some inner tubes.

Eventually everyone got around to finishing getting ready for the ceremony, and we all booked it out to Camp Lucy in the Hill Country southwest of Austin. I daresay there aren’t many prettier places to get married in Texas. I’m not one to cry while filming usually, but there was a lot of dust in the air at this ceremony. I wouldn’t even call what I do a job, I love it that much.

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