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Sheridan and Wes // Wedding Highlight Film // Brookwood Community, Brookshire Texas

Before I talk about this awesome couple, let me just say that I fully support what Pinterest has done for so many weddings and what it will do for future brides.  I have seen more creativity and unique looks at weddings this past season than ever before, and I attribute much of it to an easy way for brides to be inspired by others through Pins.

This was my second wedding at the Brookwood Community Chapel, and the venue was just as beautiful as I remembered from the last wedding I filmed there.  I have been really embracing vintage and retro looks for my films lately and Sheridan and Wes catered directly to my tastes.  I could tell how uniquely beautiful this wedding would be when I saw Sheridan’s veil and dress.  It was really perfect!  The entire wedding had a style of its own and it was obvious that a lot of work went into every little detail.

Filming a wedding at the same venue was an exciting challenge for me because I had to rely on new angles and new ways of approaching my ideas.  While the wedding was similar in that it took place in the same location, I know that my team and I succeeded in expanding our variety of shots as well as thinking of new ones.  Having new equipment helped, but a new mindset was required as well.  For the wedding party photos we took them in the same location as before but with a slightly different time of day and new angles, exposures, and coloring, it looked brand new.  This wedding also took place closer to Summer and the longer days with lengthy sunsets really helped.  In the year since I have visited Brookwood I also gained a better knowledge of how to tell a story.  This all worked together to really push Sheridan and Wes’ wedding to the next level of quality.  I’m sure I will have more weddings at Brookwood Community in the future and that is something that I greatly look forward to.

Visit my post about Sheridan and Wes at to download this wedding film in High Definition.

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