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There Is No Me If There’s No You // Thuy and Brady’s Wedding Highlight Film from Agave Road in Katy, Texas

Some of my best friendships have come from couples whose weddings I have filmed. We will often sit down over tacos and talk about their lives, their love, and how I can best show that through a film about their wedding day. I have been blessed to film some of the nicest, most outgoing, and unique couples, just by being myself and showing them what I can create for them.

With Thuy and Brady though, we didn’t have time to sit down and talk before their wedding. See, on January 30th, I got a call from Brady’s sister explaining that a family member had been hurt and because they were unable to make it to the wedding, they wanted a wedding film they could share. Also – and this was the critical part –  the wedding was Saturday, February first, meaning I had two days to prepare.

I could tell from the very beginning though, even after only hearing Brady’s sister speak about them, that they were going to be some of the coolest people to film. So I called Brady and we talked all about how he and Thuy met,  their love for music, and the cool surprises they had planned for the guests at their wedding. It was going to give an elegant country vibe, and because Thuy is Vietnamese, they changed outfits into traditional Vietnamese attire. Then they danced around and passed out lottery tickets to their guests while traditional Vietnamese music played. This was all so inventive and fun, and it really made the wedding fun to shoot.

The entire day was very windy, but we still had time to get some fun quadcopter shots of the venue. Between that and great cloud timelapses, this was a fun and dynamic wedding film to edit. Special thanks to Taylor Stanley for being available very last minute to help film.

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