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Ten Years, Ten Months, Ten Minutes // Vince and Riah’s wedding film from The Filter Building in Dallas, Texas

Vince and RiahI’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” I think that also applies to spending time with someone we enjoy being around. Hours can seem like seconds when we experience an ache of love in our hearts for the first time. Days turn into months which turn into years so quickly when spent with the object of our affection. Before we know it a decade has passed, full of memories, ups and downs, but above all love.

I’ll admit that this hasn’t happened to me yet. Yes on the love and time passing quickly, but I have yet to hit a decade of love for my wife. We didn’t start dating until 2011, so we aren’t even halfway there yet. But time is flying.

Vince and Mariah on the other hand have my wife and I soundly beat in this area. They met in high school, survived a hardcore phase with long hair and tight jeans, and managed to emerge from college still together, albeit with pink hair and hipster glasses. Ten years and still going strong.

I'll leave it up to you to decide if they look cooler now or back then.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if they look cooler now or back then.

I learned a lot about love while filming and editing their wedding. God describes love as a lot of things: patient, kind, but the one quality of love that strikes me with Vince and Mariah’s wedding is that it perseveres. Through the good and the bad, over all this time, their love hasn’t faltered. There’s something there that we can all learn from their relationship.

Shot with the Sony FS100 and Canon 7D. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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