Author: Matt

Five years ago, at a small Catholic college in St. Louis, Missouri, Kathleen met Michael. A chance meeting at a sorority party their senior year led to dates, competitive Catan game nights, and an eventual move for Michael from St. Louis to Texas so they could be together. It was this move across state lines that made them both realize they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

This May, they made it official, with an unmistakably Texas wedding, set in the heart of Austin. They said their vows barely a stone’s throw away from the Capitol, and proceeded to dance the night away with both a Texas Country band and a DJ flown in from Los Angeles.

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Our friends Sarah and Chris are what Rachel and I like to call “undercover awesome”.  I first experienced this phenomenon when I met Sarah my sophomore year of college. She’s one of those people that once you meet them, they keep popping up in conversations until it reaches the point that you wonder if they know everyone on the planet. True story: there were times on campus that I would name-drop Sarah when I met someone new, thus instantly befriending them. Undercover awesome.

Years after college, Sarah met Chris, and then Rachel and I had the pleasure of meeting him too. Put a saxophone, guitar, piano, accordion, or Microsoft Excel in front of him and he will quickly prove he can make music (or spreadsheets) with all of them. Undercover awesome.

Undercover Awesome.

If you’re at a party with them, you won’t see them as the center of attention, dancing on tables, or causing any sort of scene. But if you mention their names to anyone, there will immediately be a glow of recognition, a story about them, and lots of laughter. Their laid-back vibes, insurance sales, and accounting lifestyle belie two of the coolest people in the room, and two of the coolest people Rachel and I have had the pleasure of filming. I guess this film means their awesomeness isn’t quite so undercover anymore.

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You may remember Kelsey and Jacob from their highlight film, “High school sweethearts in the Hill Country.” Today, Rachel and I want to share with you their full wedding film: a story that shares even more about who they are, how their relationship grew from campfires and two-step dances to a wedding next to a pig barn, and of course, how they ended up with a petting zoo at their wedding reception.

On their family ranch, which I described in my previous blog post as “their connecting point for all their key moments growing up together,” we had the opportunity to capture not only their wedding ceremony, but a glimpse of who they are as people. From shotguns in the morning, to Aaron Watson in the evening, this wedding was the perfect culmination of Kelsey and Jacob’s relationship, and one that we were so incredibly overjoyed to film.

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If you talk to Noah and Mallorie about their journey, they will start with a story of middle-school friendship. A relationship that grew into their parents driving them to dates in the 8th grade, and a handholding session on an airplane that sealed their fates together from that moment on.

I guess you could say that everyone knew this wedding was coming. I knew, Rachel knew, and everyone else kinda expected it. There was very little question of if, only when. The “when” for me turned out to be April of last year when Noah was helping me film a wedding (oh yeah, he’s a videographer too!). He was helping me unload some gear from my car when he casually stated, “When Mal and I get married next year, I want you to film it.” Cue my doubletake followed by a “Yes!”

Smiles for days!

So there we all were: Noah, Mallorie, friends, and family, all squeezed under an oak tree south of Dallas, watching an event unfold that we all saw coming. And contrary to what you may think, our knowing this was coming didn’t make it any less special, no, it was even better because this wedding was something we all wanted to happen.

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My wife Rachel has a lot of early college memories that she shared with our friend Zac over the years they spent at Texas A&M. They had a small group of friends that would get Chinese food every Thursday night at the same restaurant. He also played a key role in Rachel’s only speeding ticket, which she received while driving to meet him so he could sign a birthday card.

For me though, I didn’t meet Zac or Rachel until 2010 at a movie and smoothie party. There, I was introduced to them for the first time. Soon after, I joined the same student group they were members of – Aggie Artists. I have many memories of Zac playing the guitar, me filming something, and eventually me filming Zac playing the guitar. 

These are two of the most loving and compassionate people that we know.

Jump ahead a few years, and Rachel and I were married. Zac and Lindsey wouldn’t meet for a few more years, when at a church event in November of 2015 they were randomly assigned seats next to one another. After their first conversation, everyone knew (except for them) that there was a connection. Their relationship moved fast, but after meeting each others families they knew that somehow they “fit.”A few months of planning later, and we were there as they exchanged vows amid seaside breezes, soaring seagulls, and close friends and family. 

These are two of the most loving and compassionate people that we know. When they invited us to attend their wedding rehearsal dinner, we were treated to hours of kind words spoken about them by their friends and family. The memories we have shared with Zac and now Lindsey, make us very excited for our future friendship with them as man and wife. If you’re getting married too, we would love to talk about filming your wedding.