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If you talk to Noah and Mallorie about their journey, they will start with a story of middle-school friendship. A relationship that grew into their parents driving them to dates in the 8th grade, and a handholding session on an airplane that sealed their fates together from that moment on.

I guess you could say that everyone knew this wedding was coming. I knew, Rachel knew, and everyone else kinda expected it. There was very little question of if, only when. The “when” for me turned out to be April of last year when Noah was helping me film a wedding (oh yeah, he’s a videographer too!). He was helping me unload some gear from my car when he casually stated, “When Mal and I get married next year, I want you to film it.” Cue my doubletake followed by a “Yes!”

Smiles for days!

So there we all were: Noah, Mallorie, friends, and family, all squeezed under an oak tree south of Dallas, watching an event unfold that we all saw coming. And contrary to what you may think, our knowing this was coming didn’t make it any less special, no, it was even better because this wedding was something we all wanted to happen.

Are you about to get married to your middle-school sweetheart? Rachel and I would love to film it. Please get in touch!

My wife Rachel has a lot of early college memories that she shared with our friend Zac over the years they spent at Texas A&M. They had a small group of friends that would get Chinese food every Thursday night at the same restaurant. He also played a key role in Rachel’s only speeding ticket, which she received while driving to meet him so he could sign a birthday card.

For me though, I didn’t meet Zac or Rachel until 2010 at a movie and smoothie party. There, I was introduced to them for the first time. Soon after, I joined the same student group they were members of – Aggie Artists. I have many memories of Zac playing the guitar, me filming something, and eventually me filming Zac playing the guitar. 

These are two of the most loving and compassionate people that we know.

Jump ahead a few years, and Rachel and I were married. Zac and Lindsey wouldn’t meet for a few more years, when at a church event in November of 2015 they were randomly assigned seats next to one another. After their first conversation, everyone knew (except for them) that there was a connection. Their relationship moved fast, but after meeting each others families they knew that somehow they “fit.”A few months of planning later, and we were there as they exchanged vows amid seaside breezes, soaring seagulls, and close friends and family. 

These are two of the most loving and compassionate people that we know. When they invited us to attend their wedding rehearsal dinner, we were treated to hours of kind words spoken about them by their friends and family. The memories we have shared with Zac and now Lindsey, make us very excited for our future friendship with them as man and wife. If you’re getting married too, we would love to talk about filming your wedding.

Wedding filmmaking is, like all creative endeavors, a process that will never be perfected. Looking back at my work from two years ago, I see how far I have improved, and I am sure that when I look back on my current films in two years, I’ll see more growth as well. With that creative growth has come the desire to tell more intimate stories; stories that go beyond just a single wedding day and that encompass more about who a couple is, how they fell in love, their dreams, desires, and heart. Doing this though, requires couples that will open up, be honest, and share both the highs and the lows of their relationship.

These two are the best. 🙂

Marie and Drew embodied all of those things. A two day wedding, complete with warm sunshine, bright lighting, wicked fast go-karts, peaceful hikes, and a ceremony lit only by the moon and fire, wasn’t just about the fun things they enjoy doing; it was also completely and unabashedly them. Their wedding, on their terms, about their love, told through tearful letters, long glances, and cliff-side vows.

Rachel and I are so thankful that they shared not only their wedding day, but a part of their lives with us. We would love it if you shared a part of your life with us too. If you’re getting married, please get in touch. – Matt

Over our past five years of friendship, Emily has confessed to me many times that she has visited my site, watched my wedding films for hours, and cried. Of course, when she met Ryan and things started getting serious, I began hoping that I would be able to add Emily’s wedding to my list of wedding films too.

As a twist though, these two Texas born and raised Aggies opted for a less-traditional wedding option. With only their closest friends and family, they road-tripped all the way from the heat of Texas to Nashville, Tennessee, for an intimate wedding in the forested countryside. There, they shared letters and vows, dinner and dancing, and many quiet moments together.

We aren’t in Texas anymore, toto.

My wife and I loved getting away to a city where music was king, the chicken was hot, and the weddings were lit (I think that’s what the kids are saying these days). Nashville has joined the likes of Portland as one of our favorite cities to visit, and we hope to return and film another wedding there soon.

If you are getting married in Texas, Tennessee, or anywhere else for that matter, we would love to chat about filming your wedding! Please get in touch. 🙂

– Matt

It all started at a Christmas party, when a young lady named Kayla put an obscure rap song on play. A youthful guy named Jon who happened to be fluent in lesser known rap, sang along to every word. Their meeting led to walking, a taxi ride, Mexican food, trips around the world, and a wedding ,That day, as the setting sun’s golden rays filtered through the leaves of the large Oak tree that was the backdrop of their wedding ceremony, Kayla and Jon said their vows in front of their closest friends and family.

In the months leading up to their wedding day, we had the chance to get to know these two. And when I say know, I mean not just how they fell in love but why. The reasons that a detail oriented woman like Kayla, fits so well together with a laid back man like Jon.  Their desire to buck the trend of big, flashy weddings, and instead focus on their intimate relationships with a select few. The shared love they have for the classic movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and how Jon recreated the locations in the film in their proposal.

It is our hope that by watching this wedding film you get to know them too. That this glimpse of one day in their relationship shows you so much more. These two laid back hipsters, Koala Bear and Giraffe, bride and groom, husband and wife. We hope you enjoy their story, and like Jon, we are so glad that Kayla put that obscure rap song on play.

Interested in having us film your laid back, hipster, chill wedding (tacos not required but preferred)? Please get in touch!