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An Avengers Themed Wedding // Emily and Jake’s Wedding Highlight Film From Raveneax Country Club in Spring, Texas

I’ve known Emily for going on five years now, and Jake for three.  Her and I met at Spoon’s Yogurt in College Station when she was photographing desserts for a friend’s food magazine.  Several months after meeting them I was chosen to be Impact Retreat’s Media Exec, meaning I was in charge of the photos, videos, and the website for the camp.  I ran into Emily again on campus and asked her if she wanted to be the Photographer for Impact.  Several years, many videos, and thousands of photos later, we both run companies that film and photograph weddings.

Jake entered the picture in 2011 and it was immediately apparent that he was perfect for Emily.  He also loves video games, Marvel, and anything superhero related which meant he was super cool in my book too.  I had suspicions they would be married, and when Jake emailed me asking if I could film his proposal they were confirmed.  Fast forward to November, and their wedding date was upon them.

I’ve heard it said, “Leave it to people that film and photograph weddings do it right,” and Emily was no exception to this rule.  Their wedding embodied the word classy, while still satisfying her quirks like requiring Blue Baker cookies shipped in from College Station, and her need to hand-make most of the decor.  Everything that Emily touched clearly matched her style, while everything that Jake touched matched his.

Let’s take a minute to talk about Jake’s style.  As I said, he loves anything made by Marvel, so it is no surprise that the wedding had the following:

  • Jake’s groomsmen all had Avengers themed cufflinks – each of a different superhero.
  • Instead of a Grooms cake, Emily hand created an entire miniature cityscape of cardboard and had Avengers themed cupcakes on top of the city skyscrapers.
  • When Jake and Emily left the reception, they drove off in a custom Captain America Dodge Challenger painted in the classic red white and blue with license plates that read “CPT USA” and a horn that sounded the Star Spangled Banner.

Clearly, they love their superheroes.  Of course I do too, so that made this wedding all the more fun.  If you are having a themed wedding, I would love to film it, so please get in touch!

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