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They Met On Match // Sara and Ryan’s Wedding Highlight Film from Olde Dobbin Station in Montgomery, Texas

I love getting to know the people at weddings.  Some weddings have a goofy groom or bride.  Some have a funny toast or a choreographed dance.  But I loved Sara and Ryan’s wedding because I felt like everyone at their wedding knew one another so well that any joke that was made was instantly understood by everyone.  It was like there was someone telling inside jokes, but were were all in on it so it made it even funnier.  When you watch their film I’m sure you will understand.

That everyone at the wedding knew each other so well wouldn’t surprise you, especially when you meet Sara.  I swear this bride has never met a stranger.  I was not only welcomed as a friend at their wedding, I felt like I was part of the family.  Between her friendliness and Ryan’s genuine kindness, it was obvious that these two were perfect for one another.  Moreover, it was apparent that their families were happy to be joined together.

I had a tough time editing their wedding film because there was just so much good stuff I wanted to put in it.  One of the fun things I did was shoot a lot more timelapses.  Special thanks to Taylor Stanley for helping me shoot this too.

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