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Turner Into A Bearden // Gracie and Blake’s Wedding Highlight Film from Northwest Bible Church and the Dallas Frontiers of Flight Museum

“Turner into a Bearden” were the words chanted as Gracie and Blake left their wedding reception last November.  In case you didn’t get it, her last name “Turner,” sounded remarkably like “Turn Her,” which is exactly what the wedding did – it turned her into a Bearden. I knew immediately that I had the perfect title for their wedding film.

When I first spoke to Gracie about their wedding, she told me that they were going to “Felegant,” a mixture of fun and elegant. This became readily apparent when I learned that they were having their reception at the Dallas Frontiers of Flight Museum. With a father that is a pilot, I love airplanes and jump at any chance I have to film a flight themed wedding. This wedding had more than planes though, and it came with a packed dance floor, goofy groomsmen, and laughing bridesmaids throughout.

I should also mention that I knew over 3/4 of the people at Gracie and Blake’s wedding. These are friends from church, school, and College Station. Most are also incredibly goofy and great in front of the camera.

This was also the first wedding I’ve shot with the Sony FS700. It makes a beautiful picture much like my Sony FS100, but the 700 brings super slow motion video to the table, which really added to the fun of the wedding film.  Special thanks to Taylor Stanley for investing in this camera and shooting with me.

All these factors added up to a fun and elegant wedding, with Gracie and Blake making their vows in front of family and friends and then partying the night away. If you’re having a “felegant” wedding in the future and interested in having me film it, please get in touch!

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