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A Tuscan Wedding From Deep In The Heart of Texas

I met my wife at a smoothie and movie party. Of course I didn’t know she would be my wife in that moment, but I did feel an immediate connection. It ended up taking a year of friendship and two years of dating before we made our marriage official. I still remember that first moment our eyes met, and our first conversation.

When I hear Gabriel speak about how he first saw Kaydrian, he speaks with the same fondness I do when I speak about how I met my wife. He was sitting in speech class at college (no smoothies or movies in sight), when Kaydrian walked up to present her speech. To hear him describe it, you would think an angel floated in through a window while harps played and a childrens choir sang. It may not have been that dramatic, but it still left an impression on his heart and mind.


I considered inserting some angels into this scene…

Kaydrian’s story of how they met takes a less heavenly tone. She talks about public speaking in the same way that vegans talk about burger joints. Her quieter demeanor didn’t lend itself well to speeches, and she said she didn’t actually notice Gabriel at all while stumbling through her presentation. That evening though, once the speeches were finished and she could relax, she happened to run into him at a bar. From then on they were inseparable, seeing each other every day, and not just in speech class.

Soon after they started dating, a major curveball hit their relationship. Gabriel’s company moved to Dallas and wanted him to move too. It was then that he asked Kaydrian to uproot herself, from all her close friends and family and move with him.

She said yes.

This was probably the second moment that Gabriel saw an angel and heard harps playing. It is also the second moment that I saw a similarity between Kaydrian and Gabriel’s story and my own. Around the same time Kaydrian was pulling up roots and moving to Dallas for Gabriel, I was doing the same for my soon to be wife, Rachel. I couldn’t envision life without her.

When filming weddings, it is so easy to get caught up in the day of the event, but it is important to consider everything leading up to it. The small decisions to come up and speak with someone, that lead to bigger decisions to date them, followed by life-changing decisions to move cities and get married. I’m glad that I get to be a part of one of these moments.

You can also watch Kaydrian and Gabriel’s wedding highlight film below:

Shot with the Sony FS100Canon 7D, and Canon 5DMK2A. Edited in Premiere Pro CC. Colored with Magic Bullet Looks.

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