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This wedding is all about Jesus, Joy, and Hashtags. So many Hashtags.

Some people have a glow about them. A spark. A sense of Joy that is bubbling right under the surface of their personality.  It’s not just joy though, its happiness, laughter, smiling, and love all at once. I’m sure you know someone like that. I would also say that if you ask them about it, for most people, they would say it is because they love Jesus and he brings it out of them.

When I met Nicole and Estevan over fish tacos (because if you have to have a meeting, its best to have one over tacos), I could see their glow. It was obvious when Nicole looked at Estevan, smiled, and told me why they wanted to get married. Moreso, the joy in the room was a bit overwhelming when Estevan laughed about some part of their story; these big belly laughs that rolled out of his chest and honestly made me want to make him laugh more. When we finished that meeting, it was obvious that they not only loved each other, but that they also loved Jesus.



This fact was cemented even more on their wedding day. Their families were excited, friends were thrilled, and I ended up having to cut down over half of the good things the minister had to say about them to fit it all into this wedding film. And of course, it wouldn’t be a wedding in 2015 without a good hashtag, or six. Recommendations included, #marryingmolinar, #nicoleandestiefortherestie, #buildinganestiewithestie, #beourguestevan, #houseboyforever, #nicoleyguacamole. Take your pick when sharing this film.

Check out Nicole and Estevan’s highlight film below:

Shot with the Sony FS100Canon 7D, and Canon 5DMK2. Edited in Premiere Pro CC. Colored with Magic Bullet Looks.

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