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Sarah and Michael // Wedding Highlight Film // Brookwood Community Chapel, Brookshire Texas

My friend Michael Elliott likes J.J. Abrams, lens flares, and his wife Sarah.  Aptly so, when he asked me to film his wedding, I did him the honor of including J.J. Abrams influenced lens flares for effect.

The location for this wedding was perfect.  Having never been to (or heard of) Brookshire, Texas, I was amazed at the pretty countryside.  The Brookwood Community Chapel offered a great atmosphere that really felt like its own little world.

Photography at this wedding was top-notch as well.  Michael Norwood is one of the best photographers I have ever met, and his photos turned out beautifully.  He kept the photos fun while still capturing all of the important little moments throughout the day.

Thanks to David Dunn for letting me use his song in this video.  Check out David Dunn’s Facebook Page for his music!

















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