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Doug and I have one of those friendships that started entirely on Facebook. There wasn’t a ton of creative people in the small town of College Station, so when I saw someone making cool stuff online I would usually immediately add them and worry about actually meeting in person later.

Doug and Kelsi Proposal

Photo courtesy of A Guy & A Girl Weddings // aguyandagirlweddings.com

We finally did meet, and in 2013 I moved to Dallas and heard that Doug was working at an amazing co-working space called WELD. He gave me a tour and I joined on the spot. It wasn’t just the cool work area, fast internet, or massive studio space, it was mostly about the people. Everyone is incredibly friendly, willing to help, and giving of their time. This makes for a great place to work, and in Doug and Kelsi’s case, fall in love.

Kelsi started working at WELD soon after I did, and while the space’s motto is “Work Here. Sparks Fly.” I don’t think they were exactly talking about the kind of sparks that Kelsi and Doug soon started putting off towards each other. Once they started dating, it was pretty obvious that they were going to get married. This was confirmed when a lot of the members of WELD piled into an RV together and rode out to Yosemite National Park for a few weeks. It was there surrounded by forest and friends that Doug proposed.

Throughout their engagement they continued to work at WELD, which made it incredibly easy to see their mounting excitement for their wedding. I was patient and waited on Doug to ask me to film his wedding, even though I knew it would be amazing. Once again in the outdoors, surrounded by the entire membership of WELD, friends, and family, Doug and Kelsi formed Delsi.

Special thanks to Ashley Hayes of Sun7Studios for helping film, and Charlie Kaye for the sweet aerial video.

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