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This happy ending started at a bird hunt – we are in Texas after all – where a woman named Michelle, with a fiery personality and two young boys, meets Jerry,  a quiet man with a killer mustache and a daughter. Both of them with prior marriages, both a bit jaded about the thought of love, and both trying their hardest to be good parents to their children. Was it love at first sight? Not even close, but they did give each other a chance to enjoy one another’s company.

Slowly, days of friendship turned into months of companionship, and love slowly began to slip back into their lives. They were both looking for someone that would support and respect them in a way that they never experienced in their first marriages. One day, Michelle hit a deer with her car – this is Texas, remember? – and Jerry fixed it without her even asking. It was then, in this country act of kindness, that Michelle knew that she had found the man she was looking for. For Jerry, the man who swore he would never get married again, things moved a bit slower. But over their months spent together, and after seeing how Michelle loved his daughter so well, he came around.

Both Michelle and Jerry found someone special. Someone who was supportive, kind, and loved them with all their faults included. They both decided that life together was better than apart, and they were ready to be married.

Texas has the best sunsets

Texas has the best sunsets.

It was around this point that I stepped into the picture to film their wedding. Was it traditional, stuffy, and black tie? Not at all. It was authentically them, with a cowboy boot on every foot, a cake shaped like a dippin’ can, and a ceremony under the Texas sunset as their children, family, and friends watched. Did everything go as planned? Nope, one of the boys fell in the venue fountain after the ceremony and had to switch outfits. Was this day perfectly, and uniquely Michelle and Jerry’s? You bet.

Check out Michelle and Jerry’s wedding highlight film below:

Filmed with the Sony A7Sii and Sony FS100. Edited with Adobe Premiere. Colored with Magic Bullet Looks.

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