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“No, I love you more” | Oceanside Wedding In Corpus Christi, Texas

For Zac and Lindsey, it was their quiet moments that Rachel and I wanted to capture the most. Yes, their wedding had loud dancing (with some crazy moves), and exuberant shouts of joy when they were pronounced husband and wife, but for every one of these moments, there was an equally smaller and more intimate moment that no one saw but us and them. In lieu of funky dance moves, there were warm embraces in the sunset, and though no one knew except for those closest to them at the time, their pronouncement of marriage included them whispering, “No, I love you more,” back and forth.

These quiet moments are what Rachel and I endeavored to capture on Zac and Lindsey’s wedding day. If you are getting married, whether you are loud and wild, or quieter and intimate (or both!), we would love to talk about filming your wedding. Please get in touch.

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  • Zac Klammer says:

    Thank you Matt and Rachel for capturing our special day! Incredible job! So glad we will always have this as a beautiful reminder of our love.


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