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Our friends Sarah and Chris are what Rachel and I like to call “undercover awesome”.  I first experienced this phenomenon when I met Sarah my sophomore year of college. She’s one of those people that once you meet them, they keep popping up in conversations until it reaches the point that you wonder if they know everyone on the planet. True story: there were times on campus that I would name-drop Sarah when I met someone new, thus instantly befriending them. Undercover awesome.

Years after college, Sarah met Chris, and then Rachel and I had the pleasure of meeting him too. Put a saxophone, guitar, piano, accordion, or Microsoft Excel in front of him and he will quickly prove he can make music (or spreadsheets) with all of them. Undercover awesome.

Undercover Awesome.

If you’re at a party with them, you won’t see them as the center of attention, dancing on tables, or causing any sort of scene. But if you mention their names to anyone, there will immediately be a glow of recognition, a story about them, and lots of laughter. Their laid-back vibes, insurance sales, and accounting lifestyle belie two of the coolest people in the room, and two of the coolest people Rachel and I have had the pleasure of filming. I guess this film means their awesomeness isn’t quite so undercover anymore.

If you’re getting married (and especially if you are undercover awesome), we would love to film it, please get in touch.

If you talk to Noah and Mallorie about their journey, they will start with a story of middle-school friendship. A relationship that grew into their parents driving them to dates in the 8th grade, and a handholding session on an airplane that sealed their fates together from that moment on.

I guess you could say that everyone knew this wedding was coming. I knew, Rachel knew, and everyone else kinda expected it. There was very little question of if, only when. The “when” for me turned out to be April of last year when Noah was helping me film a wedding (oh yeah, he’s a videographer too!). He was helping me unload some gear from my car when he casually stated, “When Mal and I get married next year, I want you to film it.” Cue my doubletake followed by a “Yes!”

Smiles for days!

So there we all were: Noah, Mallorie, friends, and family, all squeezed under an oak tree south of Dallas, watching an event unfold that we all saw coming. And contrary to what you may think, our knowing this was coming didn’t make it any less special, no, it was even better because this wedding was something we all wanted to happen.

Are you about to get married to your middle-school sweetheart? Rachel and I would love to film it. Please get in touch!

When I was young, I didn’t like trying new things. I wore the same clothes, ate the same food, read a lot of books, and didn’t get out much. Thankfully this all changed around the time that I left for college, when I made a conscious decision to break out of my shell and attempt to be cool. Whether I was successful at being cool is debatable, but I did manage to make some friends and find a wife, so I consider that a win.

These days, I try to put myself in the position to try new things as often as possible. For example, when we go out on a date, my wife and I have a rule that we can’t go to the same restaurant twice. Another example: I create tutorial and review videos to help random strangers on the Internet.  I still do enjoy wearing the same clothes and reading though, so I guess everything hasn’t changed.

Now why am I telling you all about my awkward younger years? What does me trying new things have to do with Suneera and Amos’ wedding? Quick answer: Because their wedding was something new that I haven’t done before.

Two Ceremonies, Together

Longer answer: This wedding was a major step outside of my comfort zone. Instead of one wedding ceremony, I would be filming two. The first of which would be a traditional Indian ceremony, with all the outfits, music, and flower petals (so many flower petals!), that I had never experienced before. But due to my desire to try new things – and especially film new weddings – I was glad to do it.

Thankfully, Suneera and Amos were patient with me, as I learned all about Saris, Sherwanis, Garlands, and Talis. There was so much to keep track of, but throughout it all I was grateful for the chance to experience another culture’s traditions and ceremonies. Suneera and Amos, as you can see from the video, are such a sweet couple and I am glad I was able to film their wedding.

I learned a lot that day, and I’m looking forward to learning more in the future. So if you are planning a wedding and it looks like something that I haven’t filmed before, please get in touch. I would love to try something new.

Check out Suneera and Amos wedding highlight below:

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Some people have a glow about them. A spark. A sense of Joy that is bubbling right under the surface of their personality.  It’s not just joy though, its happiness, laughter, smiling, and love all at once. I’m sure you know someone like that. I would also say that if you ask them about it, for most people, they would say it is because they love Jesus and he brings it out of them.

When I met Nicole and Estevan over fish tacos (because if you have to have a meeting, its best to have one over tacos), I could see their glow. It was obvious when Nicole looked at Estevan, smiled, and told me why they wanted to get married. Moreso, the joy in the room was a bit overwhelming when Estevan laughed about some part of their story; these big belly laughs that rolled out of his chest and honestly made me want to make him laugh more. When we finished that meeting, it was obvious that they not only loved each other, but that they also loved Jesus.



This fact was cemented even more on their wedding day. Their families were excited, friends were thrilled, and I ended up having to cut down over half of the good things the minister had to say about them to fit it all into this wedding film. And of course, it wouldn’t be a wedding in 2015 without a good hashtag, or six. Recommendations included, #marryingmolinar, #nicoleandestiefortherestie, #buildinganestiewithestie, #beourguestevan, #houseboyforever, #nicoleyguacamole. Take your pick when sharing this film.

Check out Nicole and Estevan’s highlight film below:

Shot with the Sony FS100Canon 7D, and Canon 5DMK2. Edited in Premiere Pro CC. Colored with Magic Bullet Looks.

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I met my wife at a smoothie and movie party. Of course I didn’t know she would be my wife in that moment, but I did feel an immediate connection. It ended up taking a year of friendship and two years of dating before we made our marriage official. I still remember that first moment our eyes met, and our first conversation.

When I hear Gabriel speak about how he first saw Kaydrian, he speaks with the same fondness I do when I speak about how I met my wife. He was sitting in speech class at college (no smoothies or movies in sight), when Kaydrian walked up to present her speech. To hear him describe it, you would think an angel floated in through a window while harps played and a childrens choir sang. It may not have been that dramatic, but it still left an impression on his heart and mind.


I considered inserting some angels into this scene…

Kaydrian’s story of how they met takes a less heavenly tone. She talks about public speaking in the same way that vegans talk about burger joints. Her quieter demeanor didn’t lend itself well to speeches, and she said she didn’t actually notice Gabriel at all while stumbling through her presentation. That evening though, once the speeches were finished and she could relax, she happened to run into him at a bar. From then on they were inseparable, seeing each other every day, and not just in speech class.

Soon after they started dating, a major curveball hit their relationship. Gabriel’s company moved to Dallas and wanted him to move too. It was then that he asked Kaydrian to uproot herself, from all her close friends and family and move with him.

She said yes.

This was probably the second moment that Gabriel saw an angel and heard harps playing. It is also the second moment that I saw a similarity between Kaydrian and Gabriel’s story and my own. Around the same time Kaydrian was pulling up roots and moving to Dallas for Gabriel, I was doing the same for my soon to be wife, Rachel. I couldn’t envision life without her.

When filming weddings, it is so easy to get caught up in the day of the event, but it is important to consider everything leading up to it. The small decisions to come up and speak with someone, that lead to bigger decisions to date them, followed by life-changing decisions to move cities and get married. I’m glad that I get to be a part of one of these moments.

You can also watch Kaydrian and Gabriel’s wedding highlight film below:

Shot with the Sony FS100Canon 7D, and Canon 5DMK2A. Edited in Premiere Pro CC. Colored with Magic Bullet Looks.

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