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Have you ever heard of a surprise wedding?  That is what Jessie asked me when I first spoke with her on the phone.  Ideas of filming a couple eloping or one surprising another with a wedding were quickly laid by the wayside, when Jessie explained to me that while she and Jay knew when they were getting married, no one else did.  Everything was planned perfectly, Jessie and Jay had all their friends and family believing they were having a party before just the two of them left for the Caribbean to get married.  Secretly though, they planned to have a friend marry them at the party!

And believe me, this was a cool party!  They converted a VFW Post into a wedding venue, complete with flowers, colors, and a tank.  Well technically, the tank was already at the VFW, but it was still cool!  Everyone was surprised, most of all Jessie’s mom when she saw her in her dress for the first time.  The party was great fun, and even better when Jay walked in with his suit, and Jessie with her dress to say their vows.  I haven’t ever partied at wedding in a VFW before, but I hope this isn’t the last time.

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